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Posts tagged Compression
"I Sprained My Ankle, What Do I Do?" Part 6: "E", Summary, & Red Flags

This is it. The final section of the acronym. The E. Elevation. Taking a second to look back, 3 of the 5 sections are primarily focused on the reduction of swelling. Ice, Compression, Elevation. Like we said before, swelling itself isn’t bad but too much can cause a problem. Too much swelling will most likely reduce your range of motion and cause an unnecessary addition to the pain you already don’t like feeling. So here is what you can do to reduce immediate swelling. But first, remember we are talking about acute care which means 0-3 days after injury.

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"I Sprained My Ankle, What Do I Do?" Part 5: "C"

Let’s recap. Protection uses a brace of some sort. Optimal loading is best done as a rehab program. Ice hasn’t changed, and ice baths are still the worst. Now let’s talk about compression. The easiest way to think about compression is a hug. Hugs feel amazing (with proper training). Just imagining a hug feels good.

In the P.O.L.I.C.E. principle, we use compression to control swelling. So pretend you have a full bladder, and someone who hasn’t seen you in a long time is coming over to hug you. You know they are going to squeeze you tight. Maybe too tight. You get the idea. We want compression to squeeze the swelling out of the area so you don’t lose your motion. Yes, swelling is natural, but too much can be bad for your recovery.

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