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Posts tagged Patella
Beginners' Guide to ACL Injuries: Surgical Interventions

Contrary to popular belief, ACL injury does not require surgical intervention. There are plenty of individuals who are living life and running several miles daily without an ACL because of their rehabilitation and physical therapy efforts. However, the ACL’s purpose is to prevent too much movement, and is important for the high intensities required by sport participation. It is much safer to have an ACL than to not have one when it comes to competitive athletics.

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"I Wear A Brace, But It Still Hurts" Part 2: The Knee

At RTP Elite, we love the knee! Without them, we would all walk like penguins. In athletic humans, the knee is the second most commonly injured part of the body. Most people who have knee pain will turn to a brace to help reduce the pain and keep them in the game.

There are many people who have knee pain just below the knee cap (patella), have had a knee cap dislocation, or have been told their knee cap does not track properly; these are all reasons people will choose to wear a brace. The most common braces worn by athletes are a patella strap, a patella/knee support brace, or a compression sleeve.

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