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Get Back In The Game.



Do you want to return to your sport? Are your struggles with chronic knee or shoulder pain, frequent ankle sprains, or back troubles holding you back? We can help you get past your obstacles and get back in the game!



What We Offer



At Return To Play Elite we know sports. Our programs go beyond basic rehab to be challenging so athletes can get back to the game faster. We also make sure our rehab program fits perfectly into your current training schedule to decrease your time sitting out and increase your time with the team. We know exactly what it takes to get you back in the game and our programs are set up to do just that.



Have your or your team been struggling with taking your game to the next level? We offer strength training for individuals and teams that are serious about investing in their performance. We partner with you to build a program that targets the needs and requirements specific to your sport so your gains are easily adapted to your on-field performance. Because excellence begins off-field.


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Having trouble getting rid of nagging pain, but you only have 20 minutes? We have a variety of therapeutic modalities that can help get you started on a path to pain free movement.



At Return To Play Elite we understand how the body changes during pregnancy and the new obstacles that come with it. Manage your pain, heal your core, laugh without worries about leakage. We are here to help you get back to feeling like yourself again!

If you’ve been an exerciser and want to make sure you can keep it up during pregnancy, we are here to help with that as well!

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