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The STAY Program

STAY safe, STAY Strong, STAY in the game!

Return To Play Elite’s S.T.A.Y. Program 

“Safe Training for Athletic Youth” 

Every year, athletes level up, the bar gets raised, athletes are expected to play at higher and higher levels. Sometimes it feels that if your athlete doesn’t go to camps in the off-season in third grade they won’t make the middle school team, and then their hopes of playing in college are dashed. With these increasing expectations, coaches are starting high level training and weight lifting sooner and sooner each year. 

As kids start their freshman year of high school, they are being taught to bench press and squat, and are feeling pressured to lift just as much as the senior lifting next to them. In a strength training session, it becomes impossible to monitor the lifting form of every athlete. Many times, form checks are left to the older students (who are still learning the technique themselves). This is a breeding ground for injuries. If your athlete hurts their shoulder during lifting practice on Thursday, they are less likely to throw a good pass on Friday. If they hurt their back while squatting in high school, they are less likely to be able to perform well during the season, less likely to make varsity, less likely to continue to play into college. 

Return To Play Elite intends to bridge this gap and help athletes stay safe. Teaching middle school athletes how to lift properly will allow them to step into their freshman year prepared to meet the bar. With a proper foundation in lifting education, they will be protected from injuries that result from lack of experience. Your athlete could be a leader on the team from day one, making gains quickly and demonstrating good lifting technique to athletes with less experience.

Our program provides athletes with the proper educational and movement foundation for them to excel in the weight room! Since the S.T.A.Y. Program is foundational, it is required by all of our athletes prior to participating in any of our summer lifting programs. Keep in mind, this is strictly an educational program. Strength building concepts will be discussed, not implemented. Knowing how to perform lifts, and when it is appropriate to add weight (and how much) is far more important than loading the bar to build as much strength as possible.

Our program takes place 2 days per week, an hour each day, for 12 total weeks. Athletes will participate in a 20-30 minute lecture/discussion each week on that week’s topic. The rest of the time will be developing the proper movement patterns and technique to safely perform these exercises against resistance. Each week will include a review of previous exercises and techniques.

We will be offering this program multiple times each year: Fall, Spring, Summer. Our first program (Fall) begins September 2nd, 2019. The Spring program begins January 6th, 2020. Our Summer program starts May 4th, 2020. Space is limited to 15 total participants, so reserve your spot.

Pricing for this program is $180 per participant ($15/wk)



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